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V8 bridge documentation

Documentation Updates

The links in the table below provide access to downloads of CADD related documentation. The files are in Microsoft Word, PDF or MicroStation dgn formats.

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Issue Date File Description
02/19 Prelim Bridge Electronic Deliverables Preliminary Bridge Design Electronic Deliverable Format Guidelines
01/19 Prelim Bridge Electronic Deliverables Examples Preliminary Bridge Design Electronic Deliverable Format Examples
02/16 Example .str file Example .str file per guidelines
02/16 Example REF file Example REF file per guidelines
04/11 Seed Files Use of Seed Files
08/17 Models Use of Models
  Plats Use of Models for Pipe Plats
05/16 Levels Bridge Level Filters
05/18 Revisions Creating Revisions
  Scaled Details Working with Details at Different Scales
03/14 Projects Beginning a Project
02/08 Standards Using the BTB and BTE Beam Standards for Projects
09/09 Modifications Modifying Standard Sheets
08/18 Bridge Staking Data Bridge Staking Data Instructions
12/18 Folder Structure Use of Project Directory Folder Structure
01/19 Consultant Folder Structure Consultant ProjectWise Folder Structure
04/18 CADD Guidelines CADD Detailing Guidelines