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What is the TPF-5(372) BIM for Bridges and Structures Pooled Fund?

The purpose of the TPF-5(372) BIM for Bridges and Structures Pooled Fund project is to develop a National Standard for open exchange of modeled bridge and structure data to be used for design to construction and fabrication, with the goal of updating and using the data throughout the life of the structure. The pooled fund project is a collaborative effort of more than 20 states, FHWA, and the AASHTO Committee on Bridges and Structures. Through this project, the team is developing Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) to create a Model View Definition (MVD) that will serve as a standard for all software vendors. IFC deployment is coordinated through buildingSMART International with the intent of using IFC for domestic and international projects.

The project tasks have been broken into 5 areas: Investigation and Exploration, IFC Development, Industry Involvement, Collaboration and Implementation, and Cost Benefit Analysis. During the first year of the project, the Investigation and Exploration tasks were completed. Currently our team is working on IFC Development creating an Information Delivery Manual (IDM) that will provide the IFC developers with the requirements about bridge elements and their properties. Once this is complete, the IFC Developers will be able to generate the MVD.  Also our team is working on the ongoing task of Industry Involvement.  This consists of regular communications with external stakeholders to ensure the work being developed meets everyone’s needs and that we are in alignment with other relevant development efforts. Collaboration and Implementation and Cost Benefit Analysis will take place in later years.

Don’t Miss Out – Register Today!

If you have not already become a registered user of the TPF-5(372) Collaboration Site, please join today. As we continue efforts, this site will become a portal of knowledge sharing, resources, and dialogue for education and awareness of BIM for Bridges and Structures standards in the United States. Register today.


Check out the ROADMAP!

To help our stakeholders understand the progress to date and initiatives forthcoming, this one-page Roadmap PDF on describes the scope of the project and other details, including information about sponsors and a general timeline with a list of the activities to be completed to achieve the desired outcomes.


Does Your State Want to Join?

If your state is not already a sponsor of this important initiative, you are encouraged to consider joining the pooled fund. More information about joining the pooled fund can be obtained by contacting Khyle Clute of Iowa DOT. States that participate in the pooled fund receive the following benefits:

  • An active voice in setting the future standard
  • An active voice in setting priorities for implementation support tasks
  • Early access to data dictionaries to support agency data governance planning
  • An ability to influence the prioritization of future standardization efforts
  • Early access to information about national and international standardization initiatives
  • An ability to engage with software vendors to communicate priorities


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