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Disclaimer: This software is intended for use by consultants working for the Bridges and Structures Bureau in their development of projects for the Iowa Department of Transportation. Any other use is at the sole discretion of the user. The Iowa Department of Transportation makes the software available "AS IS" and assumes no liability nor makes any warranty of any kind, including warranties of noninfringement, fitness or merchantability whether expressed or implied, to the accuracy or functionality of this software. By downloading any files, you are agreeing to this disclaimer. The Bridges and Structures Bureau will only support those persons using this software in connection with Iowa Department of Transportation related business.

Mitigation of Sedimentation in Multi-Barrel Culverts

The “Iowa DOT Culverts” geo-portal provides a way of informing users on the potential for inception and development of sedimentation at culverts. The portal enables users to establish the degree of sedimentation at any existing or planned culvert location.  The site also aids designers and operation personnel to store, retrieve, analyze and visualize a wide range of information about culverts.

Iowa DOT Annual Exceedence-Probability Discharges Spreadsheet - Version 110

Iowa DOT AEPD Spreadsheet for calculation of Annual Exceedance-Probability Discharges per USGS Reports 2013-5086, 00-4233 and 87-4132.

Iowa DOT Bridge Backwater Program - Version 3.0

Software written by LaDon Jones, Digital Control Inc, under Iowa Highway Research Board Project TR-476, "PCVAL: A Computer Program for Valley Stage-Discharge Curves and Bridge Backwater Calculations."

Iowa DOT Culvert Program - Version 4.0

Software written by LaDon Jones, Digital Control Inc., under Iowa Highway Research Board Project TR-504, "A Computer Program for the Hydraulic Design of Culverts." This version was updated in English only.


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