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Iowa DOT Bridge Project Concepts

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Disclaimer: These files are intended for use by the Bridges and Structures Bureau and contracted consultants working for the Bridges and Structures Bureau in their development of projects for the Iowa Department of Transportation. Any other use is at the sole discretion of the user. The Iowa Department of Transportation makes the files available "AS IS" and assumes no liability nor makes any warranty of any kind, including warranties of non-infringement, fitness or merchantability whether expressed or implied, to the accuracy or functionality of these files. By downloading any files, you are agreeing to this disclaimer.

The Bridges and Structures Bureau will only support those persons using these files in connection with Iowa Department of Transportation related business.

General Guidelines

Concept letter file names should consist of three elements: County, Design Number, and Version. (Example: Story 115 DRAFT.docx)

Contracted consultants should submit completed concept letters, with incorporated cost estimate data and distribution list, to the appropriate project review coordinator within the Bridges and Structures Bureau.

Distribution of concept letters will be the responsibility of the project review coordinator.

Concept Letter Templates

These files allow the user to develop the appropriate concept letter for each of the three project types. Use of the ‘Cost Estimates for Concepts’ and ‘Master List for Distribution of Concepts’ spreadsheets in conjunction with these templates is required.

Concept Distribution List

This spreadsheet allows the user to select the appropriate distribution list to include in the concept letter, sorted by district and project type. Remove any empty rows and non-applicable recipients, indicated by ** and developer comments, before submitting the concept letter.

Concept Cost Estimate Template

This spreadsheet allows the user to develop a cost estimate to include in the concept letter. Follow the outlined instructions for use and developer notes.

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