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Logo Signs


Logo Signs

Logo signs are specific service signs located along interstates and freeway-primary highways that identify qualifying gas, food, lodging, camping, or attraction services available at the next interchange.

For in-depth information concerning logo signs, view the Iowa Administrative Rules.

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If you have any questions regarding logo signing, contact Iowa Right-of-way agent Vicki Elscott, 515-239-1700.

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Logo sign examples

Examples of logo signs
  • Example 1: The five types of services that can appear on a logo sign are gas, food, lodging, camping, and tourist attractions.
  • Example 2: Camping Logo service panel with months of operation supplemental message. Businesses displaying months of operation on their logo business panels are invoiced a prorated amount for the months listed on the supplemental message.
  • Example 3: Where room for service panels is limited, the Iowa DOT may erect a combination sign displaying more than one type of service.