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Iowa Mobile ID is a FREE digital version of your official driver’s license or ID, carried in an app on your smartphone. The mobile ID app is optional to download and acts as a companion to your physical ID; it does not replace it. Not all businesses are able to verify mobile ID yet, so you should still keep your physical ID as a back-up.

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Iowa Mobile ID is convenient, secure and private.


  • Mobile ID is a trusted, government-issued digital identity.
  • Mobile ID offers a contactless method for verifying identity.
  • Mobile ID uses a QR code to initiate the sharing and verification of information.


  • Users are required to upload their physical ID and a live selfie to verify against their DOT profile.
  • Iowa Mobile ID is secure, using a pin or biometrics to open the app.
  • Use your secure mobile ID QR code to provide the identity information you choose to share to an ID-verifier.


  • Mobile ID keeps user data secure and ensures the privacy of personal information by only storing it within the state system of record and on the user’s device.
  • Privacy views allow you to verify your age without having to expose sensitive data like your birthdate or address.
  • You are in control as you decide what information you share.

Who can use Iowa Mobile ID?

Any Iowa resident with a valid, legible driver’s license or state-issued photo ID is eligible. Iowa Mobile ID can currently be used with

  • Android phones (Android 7 or newer); or
  • iPhones (iOS 13 or newer)

You cannot use a jailbroken/rooted smartphone or a device where the software has been manipulated to remove manufacturer restrictions and limitations.

How do I get Iowa Mobile ID?

Download the app and set permissions

Dowload mobile ID app from Apple Store
Dowload mobile ID app from Google Play
Register your phone number.
Scan your ID.

Take a selfie.

Set up app security and go.

To enroll in Iowa Mobile ID, you will need your physical card. The temporary paper driver’s license or ID cannot be used for enrollment. Once enrolled, your mobile ID can be used at participating locations.

Need help with scanning your ID or taking the selfie? As Iowa Mobile ID does a very thorough security review during enrollment, the app may ask you to do your selfie or scan your ID more than once. See tips for assistance.

How do I use my mobile ID?

Mobile ID can be used the same ways you use your ID today to verify your age or identity. Now with your mobile ID, when you are asked “can I see your ID?” you will display an encrypted QR code from the app. This is what makes the process secure. A business can verify your mobile ID by scanning the QR code with a mobile ID “reader” device. Scanning the QR code tells the business the mobile ID was issued by the Iowa DOT and can be trusted.

Under the “ID” tab in the mobile ID app, click on the “Share Identity” button.

A screen with a QR code will appear. Present the QR code to the business to scan.

Accept or decline the business’ request for information. You are always in control of your data.
Once you accept, you and the business will receive confirmation your information was shared successfully.


Privacy Views allow you to share only information that is relevant to the transaction and that you want to share. For example, you can have your age verified without having to relay sensitive data like your birthdate or address.

  1. Go to the Privacy page
    · Android - Click on the filter icon in the upper-right 
    · iOS - Click on Privacy in the upper-right
  2. Select the Privacy View you want to use.
  3. Tap on the Share privacy info button.
  4. Show the QR code to the business/merchant.

You are always in control of releasing your information and can choose to accept or decline a request. Users may choose a specific Privacy View for a transaction and typically that will align to what the business is requesting. However, if the business is requesting more information than you are comfortable sharing, you have the option to decline the request.


While the mobile ID app defaults to asking your permission every time before sharing your ID information, the Attribute Consent setting allows you to auto-approve information requests that match up with your Privacy View settings.

Once you have toggled on this feature, requests for information that align with your selected Privacy Views will automatically pass through without you having to accept the request. In the event a business requests more information than you have selected for auto-approval, you will still receive a message to accept or decline the request.

  1. From the IDs tab, click on the 3 dots (…) in the top-right of the screen.
  2. Then click on Attribute Consent.
  3. Toggle on the Privacy View you would like to set to auto-approve.

Where can I use my mobile ID?

Look for the Iowa Mobile ID logo on a business’ window or door, or simply ask if they accept it.

Mobile ID was created as a platform that any business, government entity or law enforcement agency can adopt and use to verify a person’s identity -- the same way they use your card today. It is considered an acceptable form of identity verification by the State of Iowa and can be used in any context in which you would use your physical ID to verify your age or identity.

Frequently asked questions

How can you verify that it’s actually me downloading the app?

During the enrollment process, you scan your driver’s license or ID and then also take a selfie. Mobile ID verifies your identity attributes and selfie photo against what is on file with the Iowa DOT to ensure it’s you – and only you – before completing the enrollment.

How do I know it’s safe and secure?

Mobile ID verifies your identity attributes and selfie photo against what is on file with the Iowa DOT. Only your FaceID, TouchID, or pin will unlock the app and access your mobile ID. For instance, if your smartphone is lost or stolen, no one will be able to access your mobile ID app.

What does mobile ID do with my data?

Mobile ID doesn’t permanently collect, store, or hold onto your personal data -- except an encrypted version of your driver's license number and phone number to use as a record locator. The only place your complete information is stored is with the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Can mobile ID be used to verify identity with law enforcement?

We are working with law enforcement agencies on how they can implement verification processes for mobile ID. As not all law enforcement agencies will accept mobile ID at launch, you should still carry your traditional ID or driver’s license.

What if I lose my phone, it dies, breaks, or I get a new phone?

No one else will be able to access your mobile ID, even if they manage to unlock the phone. The use of a pin, real-time selfie, or fingerprint/face unlocking means only you can access the app.

You can simply reload and reactivate the Iowa Mobile ID on a different device. A mobile ID cannot be activated on more than one device. Once you activate your mobile ID on a new device, it will no longer work on the previous device.

Can I use my Iowa mobile ID in other states outside of Iowa? What about flying outside of the country?

The adoption of mobile ID is on the rise. A recommended international standard for mobile IDs was developed in an effort toward a seamless experience between states and Iowa has followed that standard. For Iowans to use their mobile ID outside the state, the destination would need to follow the same standard and the business would need to participate in mobile ID and have Iowa’s certificate information. As you may not know if the state and business are using the same standard, you can try using your mobile ID but also carry your traditional ID or driver’s license as a backup.

Who can I contact if I need help with my mobile ID?

If you are experiencing an issue with Mobile ID, check some of the common causes and solutions listed below. If you did not find the information you need, please visit IDEMIA’s mobile ID support website for support options such as FAQs, Email, Live Chat, and Helpdesk service hours.

I am unable to scan my ID

Here are some tips that will help with capturing the selfie:

  • Make sure there is no wear, damage, or scratch marks on either side of ID.
  • The ID needs to be valid, unexpired, and from Iowa.
  • Ensure the ID is placed on a dark flat surface and has good lighting in the room, with no glares from lighting on the ID.

I am unable to capture a selfie

Here are some tips that will help with capturing the selfie:

  • Make sure you are in a well-lit area, not backlit by a window or strong light, and in front of a neutral or plain backdrop such as a single-colored wall.
  • Hold the phone at eye level and approximately 16 inches from your face.
  • It may be easier prop the phone up or have someone else hold the phone.
  • Make sure your phone is kept steady at eye level and only move your head in the direction of the 3 dots. “Lead with your nose.” Hold your head steady at each dot until the circle fills up and the next numbered dot appears.
  • If the selfie times out, you may have taken too long to align the 3 dots and need to start over.

Error: mID Not Activated or Not Verified

  • You have an out-of-state credential.
  • Your Iowa state credential is inactive, including expired or suspended.
  • Some information on your license is incorrect or out of date – for example, last name or address.
  • Your selfie failed to match the photo on file with the state. If the photo on your license is over 5 years old or drastically different from your current appearance, this could cause an error to occur.

Error: Text Verification Failed or unable to active link in Text Message

Here are some of the reasons why text verification failed:

  • Make sure you delete all previous texts received from the app off your phone before requesting for a new text with link.
  • (ANDROID USERS ONLY) Check your Android settings as described in the 'ERROR: "This site can't be reached" message on Android when confirming phone number' topic.
  • You selected "Don't Allow" when prompted to give the app access to camera. Instead, please make sure that you consent and acknowledge reading the terms of use, security policy, provide access to the camera and accept app notifications. You must select OK from the permission pop-up or you will not be able to use the app.
  • You did not receive a confirmation SMS text message because SMS text has not been set up with your service provider. The app requires you to receive a confirmation and URL via SMS text. You will need to reach out to the service provider to verify it is set up.
  • You are copying the URL in the text message into a browser. Instead, you must click on the link in the most recent text message so that it opens in the app. If you have tried requesting the setup SMS text several times, it will be the one at the bottom of the list.

Error: 60302 Registration Failed

The registration failure can occur for various reasons.

  • This could be the result of a poor selfie or selfie capture issue, see error: Issues with capturing selfie.
  • This could be a connection issue. If the images you have captured cannot be synced with the server, try the following:
    • Turn off Wi-Fi and try enrolling via cellular data or try using Wi-Fi if it is failing on cellular.
  • Uninstall the app and start over.
  • If the above steps fail, there could be an issue with your record at the DOT.

How do I take my selfie to enroll in mobile ID?

Need tips on scanning the ID or taking a selfie?

Selfie Tips

  • Take selfie in a well-lit area, not backlit by a window or strong light, and in front of a neutral or plain backdrop such as a single-color wall.
  • Hold the phone approximately 16 inches from your face.
  • Keep your phone steady at eye level. (Some people naturally hold their phone lower than eye level when reading – check to make sure it’s at eye level)
  • Only move your head in the direction of the 3 dots. Hold your head steady at each dot until the bubble fills up and the next numbered dot appears.
  • If you are wearing glasses, you may need to take them off before re-attempting the selfie.
  • If the selfie times out, you may have taken too long to align the 3 dots and need to start over.
  • "Photo does not match" - This means your facial 1:1 comparison failed. You can try to capture a new selfie. If that does not resolve the issue, then you will need to contact your state authority.

Scan ID Tips

  • Make sure there is no wear, damage, or scratch marks on either side of the ID.
  • Place the ID on a dark flat surface and good lighting in the room.
  • Ensure the ID is valid, not expired, and is not from out of state.

How do I update my personal information?

You can update your personal information the same way you do today, which may require a visit to a driver’s service center. Get more information about updating personal information.

Once changes are made to your license or ID record, those updates are pushed out electronically to your mobile ID app. No visits to the DOT are needed to ensure your Iowa Mobile ID matches your current personal information.

Is the Iowa Mobile ID accessible (elderly, disabled, low income, etc.)? What if an individual does not have access to a phone?

Iowa Mobile ID is available to everyone with a smartphone. For individuals without access to a smartphone, we still provide the traditional physical driver’s licenses and IDs.

Is mobile ID available in the wallet on my smartphone?

At this time, mobile ID is not available yet for smartphone wallets. The Iowa DOT is working to have this as an option in the future.

How do I remove Iowa Mobile ID from my phone?

How to unenroll from the Iowa Mobile ID app but not remove it from your device

  1. Within the app, go to the “More” tab at the bottom right.
  2. Tap on “Unenroll from this device”
  3. Tap “Unenroll”
  4. Tap “Yes” when it asks “Are you sure?”
  5. A message will pop up indicating the device is unenrolled from Iowa Mobile ID.

How to remove the app from your device


  • Remove an app from the Home Screen:
    • Touch and hold the app on the Home Screen
    • Tap "Remove App."
    • Tap "Remove from Home Screen" to keep it in App Library, or tap "Delete App" to delete it from the iPhone.
  • Delete an app from App Library and Home Screen:
    • Touch and hold the app in App Library.
    • Tap "Delete App."
    • Tap "Delete."


  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap "Manage Apps & Devices." "Manage."
  4. Select the name of the app you want to delete.
  5. Tap "Uninstall."


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