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  Section 1 - The Driver's License PDF
  Who needs a license?  
  Knowledge Test  
  Driving Test  
  Proof of Age and Identity  
  Social Security Number  
  Certification of Iowa Residency and Residential Address  
  Types of Driver's Licenses  
  Graduated Driver's License  
  Class C - Operator (Non-commercial)  
  Class D - Chauffeur (Non-commercial)  
  Class M - Motorcycle  
  Motorcycle Instruction Permit - Restriction 1  
  Operator Instruction Permit - Class C Restriction 2  
  Chauffeur's Instruction Permit - Restriction 4  
  Moped License - Restriction 5  
  Minor's Restricted License - Restriction 6  
  Minor's School License - Restriction 7  
  Commercial Learner's Permit  
  Commercial Driver's License (CDL)  
  Restricted Commercial Driver's License  
  License Renewal  
  Additional License Information  
  Change of Address  
  Name Changes  
  Driver Education  
  Duplicates, Replacements and Validations  
  License Number  
  License and Permit Possession  
  Military Service  
  Organ Donor/Medical Alert  
  Medical Advance Directive  
  Voter Registration  
  Driver's Privacy Protection Act  
  Special Restrictions  
  Selective Service Registration  
  Summary Chart of License Expiration Dates  
  Summary Chart of License Types  
  Section 2 - Traffic Signs and Rules of the Road PDF
  Traffic Signs  
  Warning Signs  
  Regulation Signs  
  Slow Moving Vehicle Sign  
  Guide Signs  
  Service Signs  
  Route Signs  
  Traffic Signals  
  Railroad Crossings  
  Road Work Zones  
  Pavement Markings and Other Lane Controls  
  When to Yield the Right-of-Way  
  School Buses  
  Approaching Stationary Emergency or Maintenance Vehicles  
  Cell Phones and Texting While Driving  
  Section 3 - Safe Driving Tips PDF
  Basic Driving  
  Proper Turning Techniques  
  Signal When You Slow Down  
  Hand Signals  
  Appropriate Speed  
  Closed Cars on a Hot Day  
  Bad Weather Driving  
  Space to Cross or Enter  
  Defensive Driving  
  Avoiding/Minimizing Accidents  
  Changing Lanes  
  Night Driving  
  Rural Road Driving  
  Communicating - Headlights, Horn and Emergency Signals.  
  Blind Spots  
  Sharing the Road  
  Interstate Driving  
  Driving Safely in Traffic  
  Handling Emergencies  
  Before You Drive - Vehicle Maintenance and Equipment  
  Section 4 - Protecting Your Driving Privileges PDF
  Section 5 - Be in Shape to Drive PDF

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