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DOT Administrative Rules

Iowa currently has an extensive set of administrative rules. If you are unfamiliar with administrative rules, they help implement, interpret, prescribe a law or policy, or more completely describe a procedure or the requirements of an agency.



Gov. Kim Reynolds signed Executive Order Number 10 on January 10, 2023, putting a moratorium on administrative rulemaking and instituting a comprehensive review of all existing administrative rules.

EO 10 Exception—Final Regulatory Analysis


The Executive Order directs a comprehensive evaluation and rigorous cost-benefit analysis of existing rules to evaluate their public benefits, whether the benefits justify the cost, and whether there are less restrictive alternatives to achieve their intended objective.

The goals of the Executive Order are:

  • Implement a deliberative approach to rulemaking
  • Increase public input in the rulemaking process
  • Eliminate rules that do not provide substantiated benefits to Iowans
  • Adopt the least costly way to realize the public benefits or purpose of a rule
  • Adhere to the rulemaking authority granted by the legislature
  • Reduce page and word count of the administrative code
  • Reduce restrictive language (shall, must, may not, prohibit, require, restrict)
  • Avoid verbatim repetition of statutory language, cite the statute instead



Iowa DOT rules tracker

The following link tracks the rule-making process for Iowa DOT rulemakings from Notice of Intended Action to adoption and includes public comment deadlines, public hearing dates, Administrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC) meeting dates and actions taken, published rule-making documents (ARCs), and effective dates.

Iowa DOT rules tracker

Iowa DOT Regulatory Plan

The Iowa DOT Regulatory Plan is updated annually and lists the proposed regulatory actions that the DOT reasonably expects to issue in proposed or final form in this fiscal year or thereafter.


Petitions for Rule Making, Waiver of Rules and Declaratory Orders

The following Iowa DOT administrative rule chapters explain the process for submitting a petition for rule making, petition for waiver or a petition for a declaratory order. All petitions must be submitted to the DOT’s Rules Administrator via email or U.S. mail. Please see the Rules Administrator’s contact information.

Tracy George
DOT Rules Administrator
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