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The State Transportation Innovation Councils (STIC) Incentive Program awards each state up to $100,000 in federal funds per year to support or offset the costs of putting research into practice. To receive funding, each state must establish its own STIC—an oversight committee that serves to identify and recommend innovations and manage the approved project to completion. In Iowa, the Iowa Highway Research Board has taken on this role. 

STIC Ideas and Proposals

To qualify for funding, projects must have a statewide impact, align with federal Technology and Innovation Deployment Program goals and other federal requirements, and be ready to begin within one year of receiving funds. If you have an idea that may merit evaluation, please visit our Submit Ideas page.


Iowa has implemented a variety of research initiatives with the use of STIC funds. Projects funded as part of STIC Initiatives include:

Fiscal Year Innovations Project
2022 Crowdsourcing for Advancing Operations Pilot Hyperflow in the City of Dubuque for Signal Performance Assessment. ($64,000)
2022 Digital As-Builts Hold a Peer Exchange with AGC and ACEC for Bridge Digital Delivery. ($36,000)
2021 e-Ticketing Implement e-ticketing in rural areas. ($8,000)
2021 Targeted Overlay Pavement Solutions (TOPS) Develop a guidebook for the application of Polymer-modified Asphalt Overlays. ($32,000)
2021 Digital As-Builts Develop Digital As-Builts into BIM pilot project. ($40,000)
2021 Ultra-High Performance Concrete Hold a Peer Exchange on UHPC with a focus on link-slab and beam end repair techniques ($20,000)
2020 STEP Update the Iowa Design manual to reflect the Complete Streets policy ($22,002.80)
2020 A-GaME Advance the use Electrical Resistivity technology as part of an effort to promote FHWA's EDC-5 Advanced Geotechnical Exploration Methods. ($77,997.20)
2019 STEP Advance complete streets concepts into design process. ($64,000)
2018 NEPA Host a workshop to improve NEPA synchronization utilizing the newly supdated Red Book. ($4,800)
2018 VR Outreach Advance virtual reality for transportation projects for improved public outreach and technology transfer purposes ($95,200)
2017 Pavement In situ modulus measurement using automated plate load testing (APLT) to support the implementation of pavement mechanistic-empirical (ME) design ($80,000)
2016 e-Construction Expand the use of mobile devices for e-Construction in field inspection applications ($36,000)
2016 Innovation Exchange Support for the "Innovations in Transportation Conference" ($8,000)
2016 Smarter Work Zones Deployment of Iowa DOT Traffic Operations Open Data Service ($56,000)
2015 e-Construction Expand the use of mobile devices for e-Construction in field inspection applications ($36,000)
2015 Self-Cleaning Culvert Development and delivery of technical guidance and training on the implementation of a self-cleaning culvert technology ($64,000)
2014 3D Engineered Models Develop an implementation plan for using 3D tools for structural detailing ($43,997)
2014 Accelerated Bridge Construction Design and performance verification of a bridge column/footing/pile system for accelerated bridge construction ($56,003)


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