Maps, Data, and Tools

Freight Analysis Framework (Federal Highway Administration)
FAF integrates data from a variety of sources (including the Commodity Flow Survey) to create a comprehensive picture of freight movement among states and major metropolitan areas. The tool estimates tonnage, value, and domestic ton-miles by region of origin and destination, commodity type, and mode for current and forecasted years.

Freight Facts and Figures – Iowa
Document providing an overview of freight trends in Iowa, including economic, infrastructure, providers, commodity flow, and trading partner statistics.  

Freight Facts and Figures – USA
Freight Facts and Figures, developed by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, is a collection of charts and statistical tables about freight transportation in the United States. These interactive visualizations and tables provide a snapshot of freight movement; the extent, condition, and performance of the freight transportation system; the economic implications of freight movement; and the safety, energy, and environmental impacts of freight transportation.

Infrastructure Condition Evaluation (ICE) Tool
A tool that aids in the evaluation of the state’s Primary Highway System by using a composite rating calculated from seven different criteria – passenger, single-unit truck, and combination truck annual average daily traffic; congestion index value, International Roughness Index; PCI; and Bridge Condition Index. While each of these individual criteria indicates a different component, the collective offers the ability to evaluate the service and structural condition of roadway segments with a single composite rating.

Iowa Truck Information Guide
A guide to address and clarify many of the rules and regulations concerning the operation of commercial vehicles in the State of Iowa.

Modal Compare Chart
Graphic comparison of truck, rail, and barge freight capacities, units, and lengths.

Motor Carrier Service Maps
Maps of the Iowa highway system, electric company service areas, vertical clearance, bridge embargos, pavement restrictions, all systems permit county and city routes, and scale locations.

Navigation Assets Inventory (Upper Mississippi River Basin Association)
Interactive map featuring ports, terminals, and other navigation-related information on the Upper Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. It allows users to search for intermodal access with a  certain dock type or storage options.

Navigation and Civil Works Decision Support Center (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
Information and data for lock operations and navigation dredging projects.

Rail Toolkit
A basic guide to getting and using rail services in Iowa. The document also includes profiles of all Iowa railroads.

Railroad Maps
Maps of Iowa’s railroad system, freight service providers, traffic density/tonnage, grain loading and processing facilities, biodiesel and ethanol processing plants, chronology of abandonments, and passenger services.

Railroad Trends
Document providing an overview of railroad trends in the state of Iowa, including operating railroads, miles of track, operating performance, commodity flows, and passenger rail.  

River Barge Terminal Directory
Document with an inventory of Iowa barge terminals on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

Truck Traffic Maps
Map showing the most recent Iowa truck traffic counts. Older versions of the map are available here.

Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
Information and data for vessels, tonnage, commodity, origin, and destination from vessel operating companies.

Wind Turbine Database (U.S. Geological Survey)
The United States Wind Turbine Database provides the locations of land-based and offshore wind turbines in the United States, corresponding wind project information, and turbine technical specifications.


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