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Assorted questions

How do pedestrians use a roundabout?

Vehicle operators should remember to observe all the pedestrian crossing locations because pedestrians always have the right-of-way when they are in the crosswalks. Vehicle operators should never stop in the crosswalk while waiting for their turn at the yield line.

Pedestrians should always use the crosswalks; and make sure the vehicle operators see him/her before entering the crosswalk.

How do bicyclists use a roundabout?

Bicyclists have a legal right to ride on most roadways just like motorized traffic. Roundabouts are just like other intersections in that bicyclists may either follow the rules of the road and maintain travel on the roadway or use available paths and crosswalks to safely bypass the roundabout.

How do trucks use a roundabout?

Very large trucks can pass through roundabouts and will need both lanes to make wide turns. They can use the truck aprons (concrete area on the outside of the central islands) for additional space. Other drivers need to give trucks plenty of room. Expect trucks to use both lanes and don't get beside a truck in a roundabout because they may not be able to see smaller vehicles.

I drive a big truck and that roundabout looks awfully tight. Will I fit?

Yes. The roundabout has been designed specifically to accommodate large tractor-trailer units. As truck operators approach the roundabout, they should stay close to the left side of the entry. When passing through the roundabout, the trailer may track over the special apron around the central island - it was designed specifically for this purpose. When exiting, stay close to the left side of the exit.

At a multi-lane roundabout, tractor-trailer units may need to occupy the entire circulatory roadway to make the turn. Truck operators should signal their intention to do so in advance and claim both lanes on approach to the roundabout.

What about snow removal at roundabouts?

A number of communities in Iowa and other snowbelt states have installed roundabouts. All have indicated that while there is some initial adjustment in procedures for snowplow crews, roundabouts generally present no major problems for snow removal.


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