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Consolidated Transit Funding Application

Iowa's Consolidated Transit Funding Application is used by all transit agencies to apply for STA funds and federal 5310, 5311 and 5339 funds. Any system applying for statewide 5339 capital funds must include its request in the consolidated application. The consolidated application also requests information on expected direct-funded federal transit assistance grants for large urban transit systems under the 5307 program. Any individual projects from the 5339 capital program for all transit systems should also be included. 

Public Transit Forms can be found on the Iowa DOT Forms Portal.

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The intent of Capital Match Revolving Loan program is to increase the inherent energy conservation benefits of public transit by expediting the implementation of transit capital projects by providing loans for local match to federal or state funds received for a capital project. The fund was created by the Iowa Legislature in the early 1980s with funds from Iowa's share of the federal government’s petroleum overcharge settlement against the American Oil Co. (Amoco). All public transit systems are eligible for loans under this program.


The rules for Iowa’s STA program provide that the bulk of the funding goes out by formula to the designated public transit systems. It also provides that $300,000 are set-aside each year for special projects to improve transit in the state of Iowa. Individual special projects for the purpose of supporting start-up of new coordination activities. This will be in addition to the continuing use of these funds for statewide or emergency projects, and funds not needed for special projects can still be moved into the formula portion of the program. The special projects will be to help transit systems respond to needs identified by human service agencies, with preference given to projects involving match coming from the human services side. Projects must involve open-to-the-public services. Projects would allow start-up funding, until the services have a chance to be reflected in the STA formula. Applications are reviewed with the Iowa Transportation Coordination Council, and must be submitted by October 1st.

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