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Consolidated Transit Funding Application

Iowa's Consolidated Transit Funding Application is used by all transit agencies to apply for STA funds and federal 5310, 5311 and 5339 funds. Any system applying for statewide 5339 capital funds must include its request in the consolidated application. The consolidated application also requests information on expected direct-funded federal transit assistance grants for large urban transit systems under the 5307 program. Any individual projects from the 5339 capital program for all transit systems should also be included. 

Public Transit Funding Applications are available to designated transit agencies through BlackCat.

Public Transit Forms can be found on the Iowa DOT Forms Portal.

Intercity Bus Grant Application Materials

State Transit Assistance (STA) special projects

Each year up to $175,000 of the total STA funds are set aside to fund special projects. These can include grants to individual systems to support transit services that are developed in conjunction with human services agencies. Grants can also be awarded to statewide projects that improve public transit in Iowa through such means as technical training for transit system or planning agency personnel, statewide marketing campaigns, etc.

Applications are available through BlackCat.

Public Transit Infrastructure Grant (PTIG)

This program is funded annually by the state legislature to fund some of the vertical infrastructure needs of Iowa’s transit systems. Projects can involve new construction, reconstruction, or remodeling, but must include a vertical component to qualify. Projects are evaluated based on the anticipated benefits to transit, as well as the ability to have projects completed quickly. The infrastructure program participation in the cost of transit-related elements of a facility project is limited to 80 percent and cannot, in combination with federal funding, exceed that number. No single system can receive more than 40 percent of the available infrastructure funding in a given year.

Applications are available through BlackCat.


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