ITCC Beginnings

The State of Iowa has been a pioneer in transportation coordination since the 1970s. In 1976, the Iowa Legislature adopted the first-in-the-nation coordination law, with a compliance review process added to the legislation in 1984. At that time, an Ad Hoc Interagency Advisory Committee was formed to develop administrative rules for coordination. The Iowa Transportation Coordination Council (ITCC) was created in 1992 with original members including the Iowa Department of Transportation, the Iowa Department of Human Services, and the Iowa Department of Elder Affairs. In 2001, the ITCC membership was expanded. A United We Ride Action Plan for Iowa was created in 2005.

Chaired by Emma Simmons of the Iowa Department of Transportation's Public Transit Section, the ITCC meets bi-monthly discussing such issues as mobility management, accessibility of transportation in Iowa, State Transit Assistance Special Project Proposal applications pertaining to coordination, and the encouragement of state and local agencies’ involvement in the passenger transportation planning process.

Having grown considerably from the three original member state departments, the ITCC now boasts membership from statewide organizations, state departments, and federal groups.

Our Mission

To provide statewide leadership on transportation coordination to improve the mobility of Iowans.


Member Organizations




Have Questions?

For more information, please contact Emma Simmons by e-mail, or by telephone at (515) 233-7877.


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