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Article 1109.05.E. requires:

"The Contractor shall maintain a system for tracking the status of subcontractor work and payments. The Contractor shall retain records that document the date of field completion, date of satisfactory completion of the work and the date of final payment (including funds retained in accordance with Article 1109.05, B, 2) to each subcontractor. Copies of the records to verify compliance with Article 1109.05, B shall be provided to the Contracting Authority, if requested.

Prior to receiving final payment, the Contractor shall provide to the Engineer the "Certification of Subcontractor Payments" (Form 518002). This form shall include the names of each approved subcontractor, the date of field completion, the date of satisfactory completion of the work, the date of final payment, the number of days between satisfactory completion and final payment, and the date of payment by the Contracting Authority. Explanations for any final payments made after the 30 calendar day period following field completion shall be included with Form 518002.

Failure to comply with Article 1109.05, B may result in price adjustment credits, loss of Annual Good Faith Effort points, or suspension of bidding qualification in accord with Article 1102.03, A, 2."

Form 518002, which must be completed and submitted by the Contractor prior to receiving final payment, is available as a Word document.

Column (c) is the date the contracting authority made final payment to the prime contractor for the subcontractor's work. This payment excludes retainage held by the contracting authority on the prime contract in accordance with Article 1109.05,C,1.

The “Certification of Subcontractor Payments” form is not required when there are no subcontractors approved for a contract.

Form 518002


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