turning 21 REPLACEMENT Driver's license/id

Upon turning age 21, and provided you are otherwise eligible, you may purchase a replacement license or identification (ID) card which will no longer say “Under 21” and will be horizontal instead of vertical. You’re not required to get a horizontal license or ID when you turn 21, but we know some people prefer to, and it helps assure access at all locations that check age for entry.

birthday calendar icon When can I purchase a horizontal replacement license or ID?

You can purchase a replacement card on or after the day of your 21st birthday, provided you are otherwise eligible. If you purchase a replacement card in-person prior to midnight on your 21st birthday, the card will still be vertical and say, “Under 21.”

Where can I purchase a horizontal replacement license or ID?

Once purchased, your new card will be mailed to you within 21 days. The expiration date of your new license or ID will be the same as your current card’s expiration date.

What are the eligibility requirements for purchasing a horizontal replacement license or ID online?

If you are ineligible to purchase a horizontal replacement online, you may visit a driver’s license service center location to purchase a replacement. Schedule an appointment

When will my new horizontal license or ID expire?

The expiration date will remain unchanged from your current vertical license or ID.

What if my current vertical license or ID is expiring soon?

If your license or ID will expire within 180 days, you will need to renew your license or ID instead of obtaining a replacement card.

cost of replacement icon How much will the horizontal replacement card cost?

View fees and license types. Also, please note that online transactions have an additional service fee.

Please note that you may only be issued one horizontal replacement card on myMVD. Thereafter, you can visit any driver’s license service center location to receive a replacement card prior to renewing (Schedule an appointment).


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