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Address change

Residential address checkmark
If you have moved and your residential address has changed since your license or identification card was issued, you can get a replacement license or non-operator’s identification card with your new address on it. To get a replacement card, schedule an appointment at any driver’s license center. (Please note that you can’t order a replacement license with a new residential address online at this time.) You don’t have to bring any documentation for your new address, but we will electronically verify the address you provide. There’s a ten dollar fee for a replacement license or identification card.

Mailing address checkmark
If your mailing address is different from your residential address and is the only thing that has changed, you can just let us know that your mailing address has changed, without getting a replacement license or non-operator’s identification card and without any fee. (Please note that Iowa law requires you tell us whenever your mailing address changes, within 30 days of the change.) You can do this online, or you can do this by mail by completing our Change of Address Notice and mailing it to:

Driver & Identification Services
Iowa Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 9204
Des Moines, Iowa 50306-9204
Fax:  515-239-1837

Remember that neither one of these options will change the address that appears on your license or non-operator’s identification card and won’t result in a new card being issued to you; these options just let you change the mailing address we use to send you official notices. If you want a new card that has your new address on it, you need to follow the instructions for changing your residential address.

Information on address changes for Safe at Home program participants

Name change

Changing your name on an Iowa driver's license or ID must be done in person at any Iowa driver's license issuance site by scheduling an appointment. There is a $10 charge. Applicants must provide proof of any name change.

Photocopies and faxes of documents will NOT be accepted.

A certified copy is one that contains the original seal and certificate of the court or registrar, rather than a simple file or date stamp.


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