The Specification Committee consists of approximately 10 - 20 office directors or their designees from the central office, and field offices. They meet approximately monthly to review and discuss possible additions or changes to the specifications for work on construction projects.

Specification Committee Members

Name Office Phone
Charlie Purcell Project Delivery Bureau 515-239-1128
Tom Reis Specifications 515-239-1566
Eric Johnsen Specifications 515-239-1662
Wes Musgrove Materials and Construction 515-239-1843
Mark Dunn Contracts 515-239-1414
Willy Sorenson Traffic Engineering & Safety 515-239-1212
Donna Buchwald Local Systems 515-239-1051
Brian Smith Design 515-239-1402
Darwin Bishop District 3 Construction 319-364-0235
Mark Brandl Davenport RCE 563-391-2750
Jeff Devries District 1 Materials 515-239-1926
Gary Novey Bridges and Structures 515-239-1233

Specification Committee Advisory Members

Advisory Members
Lisa McDaniel FHWA 515-233-7307
Robert Younie Maintenance 515-239-1589
Kevin Jones Materials Inspection Staff 515-239-1237
Tamara Nicholson Environmental Services 515-239-1798
Chris Brakke Design 515-239-1882
Paul Wiegand InTrans-SUDAS 515-294-8103
J.D. King Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 563-422-3552
Dan Eckert Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 712-336-2944
Dan Davis Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 712-374-2613
Catherine Nicholas  Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 319-833-3008
Joel Fantz  Co. Engr. Spec. Comm.  712-852-3001
David Carney  Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 712-433-2284
Brad Skinner  Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 712-542-2510
Robert Fangman  Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 563-886-6102
William Belzer  Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 319-642-3721
Scott Rinehart Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 712-262-2825
Ernie Steffensmeier Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 319-372-2541
Daniel Doerfler Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 641-446-7131
Jacob Thorius Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 319-653-7731
Anthony Bardgett Co. Engr. Spec. Comm. 563-927-3505