Public Transit

Transit Asset Management

The Iowa DOT Public Transit Section is the Transit Asset Management (TAM) group plan sponsor for 23 Iowa public transit systems who are all recipients of Section 5311 funding. Sixteen of these are regional agencies that primarily serve Iowa’s rural populations, seven are small urban systems that serve areas with populations of less than 50,000.

The Public Transit Section, through this planning process aims to periodically assess of the current condition of capital assets for each group participant, determine the condition and performance of its assets, identify unacceptable risks, and provide guidance and technical assistance to group participants to decide how to best balance and prioritize reasonably anticipated funds towards improving asset condition. The Section is also responsible for setting annual performance targets on behalf of group plan participants and submitting to FTA and to the National Transit Database. Transit agencies can choose to decline group plan participation and develop their own TAM plan and performance targets.


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