Local Systems

The Local Systems Bureau is the liaison between the FHWA, Iowa DOT, and the Local Public Agencies (LPAs). Local Systems oversees and provides guidance to the LPAs in the development and construction of their Federal and State funded projects and ensure they comply with all applicable Federal and State requirements. Iowa Code requires Local Systems to produce Instructional Memorandums to guide the LPAs to achieve compliance. The LPA program ranges from $250 Million to $350 Million annually let through the Iowa DOT. There are approximately 500-600 active projects in Construction phase at any one time. Federal and Iowa Code require Local Systems to oversee several of the LPAs reports, programs, and budgets. City and County roadways and bridges in Iowa account for over 105,000 miles of roadway and almost 20,000 LPA-owned bridges.

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Our mission is to work with our transportation partners and provide guidance in the development and implementation of projects to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements. Only together can we and will we continue to improve the quality of transportation in Iowa.


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