vehicle registration

How to request vehicle records

  • Records may be researched by vehicle identification number, name, title number and license plate number*.
  • Request may only be accepted in writing, by fax if escrow funds are available, or in person.
  • Payment required prior to release of information.

The Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, Pub. No. 106-69, }350(b) or 18 U.S.C. 2721, and Iowa Code 321.11 prohibits the disclosure of personal information about any individual from a motor vehicle record to the public without written consent of the person to whom the information pertains.

Personal information of motor vehicle records may be released under provisions as outlined under the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act and Iowa Code 321.11.

To request Lienholder information, please fill out form 411401 and provide to your local county treasurer.

Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services
Iowa Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 9278
Des Moines, Iowa 50306-9278
Fax: 515-237-3056


Searches $5/15 minutes or a fraction thereof
Computer copies $1/printed page
Photocopies $0.10/printed page
Certified copies $0.50/printed page
Escrow accounts Escrow accounts may be established.

Privacy act agreement for request of motor vehicle records

To obtain personal information from motor vehicle records, a Privacy Act Agreement For Request of Motor Vehicle Records form, must be completed and submitted for approval to:

Office of Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services
Iowa Department of Transportation 
P.O. Box 9278
Des Moines, Iowa  50306-9278

Services available

  • Vehicle histories
  • Title research
  • Registration research
  • Owner name research
  • Bonded certificates of title
  • Official vehicle title and registration
  • Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act and Iowa Code 321.11 agreements