Roundabout in Oskaloosa Oskaloosa Old 163 & Pella

All motorists have encountered and are familiar with standard intersections controlled by yield signs, stop signs or traffic signals. When approaching, the motorist instantly knows from the signing or traffic signal whether to stop before proceeding. If stopped, pedestrians may cross the street in front of the vehicle and vehicles on the cross street proceed. Once able to proceed through the intersection, the motorists may go directly left, straight, right, or, in some cases, perform a U-turn.

If an intersection is uncontrolled (no stop signs or signal), a yield-to-the-right rule is generally followed giving priority to the vehicle on your right.

A roundabout requires a different technique to properly drive. Since this is a change from standard intersections, many motorists experience some degree of anxiety during their first few encounters with roundabouts. However, the steps to correctly maneuver through a roundabout are easy to master.