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Why is my sidewalk being replaced?

Sidewalks and paths that do not meet guidelines established by the United States Access Board ( need to be replaced. Most sidewalks do not meet the guideline that only allows for a 2.0 percent maximum cross slope, which means with a sidewalk that is 5 feet wide, the difference from one side of the sidewalk to the other is only 1.25 inches.

What do I (the property owner) have to do?

Nothing, but if you have any special needs please let the inspector or contractor know. Contact information can be found with the project details. If there is personal property in the area, it may need to be moved until the project is complete.

Why is this project being done now?

Federal regulations require agencies to have plans to update access to sidewalks and paths along roads. (This may impact a driveway if a sidewalk crosses it.)

How long will my property be affected?

The Iowa DOT plans to work in each town for a maximum of one construction season. The contractor will work to the best of their ability to get the work done in a timely manner.

What if I don’t sign the easement?

The Iowa DOT is required to complete the ADA project. If you choose to not sign an easement, we will complete the work inside existing Iowa DOT property.If access to your property is critical to the project, legal action may be needed.

Who do I contact if I have issues during the project?

The on-site project inspector should be available to take care of any issues. This contact information can be found with the project details. If you have issues the inspector can’t address, he or she will be able to provide additional contact information.

What will it cost me?

Nothing. These accessibility projects are funded with state highway funds. You will not be charged for anything that pertains to this project.

Will you assess my property?


What will it look like when the project is finished?

Each project is a little bit different. If temporary easement is needed, you will be able to look at a detailed sheet that shows your property and the area that will be affected. This sheet will be similar to what is on the website.

Will you seed the affected area?

The contractor will seed the area before the project is complete.

When will the project start?

The Iowa DOT’s Office of Contracts will set a tentative start date and the schedule will be made by the contractor. When the project is scheduled, the inspector is expected to contact the resident of the property.

Will I be able to use my driveway while the project is being constructed?

You may lose full access to your driveway during the project. The contractor or inspector will work with you to set a schedule. The contractor will work as quickly as possible to get the sidewalk and driveway completed with the appropriate amount of cure time for the concrete before opening that area.

Will access to my business be affected?

There is a possibility that the access may be affected. The contractor will be asked to minimize the length of time your access will be affected.

ADA and Section 504


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