Office of Design


Office of Design
Michael Kennerly
Office Director


Ladana Sogard
Secretary 515-239-1783

Methods Section
Stuart Nielsen
  • Develop design standards, details and policies
  • Design special roadway features
  • Geometric design for interchanges and intersections
  • Provide administrative support to office by preparing budget, ordering materials and supplies, monitoring project progress, etc.

Automation Coordination

Thomas Hamski
  • Provide user support for all design automation activities
  • Develop applications to automate design processes
  • Provide solutions for the integration of automation tools
  • Provide user training for automation tools and processes
  • Develop plans for future enhancements for automation systems

Roadside Development
Seana Godbold


  • Design erosion control and seeding
  • Design landscapes for highways and other facilities
  • Design rest area and roadside park improvements
  • Administer landscape funding agreements
  • Administer Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management program

Design Support Staff
Kent Nicholson
Assistant Office Director


Pre-Design/Field Exam

Kevin Patel
  • Prepare project concept statements
  • Prepare cost estimates and alignment studies
  • Review and provide recommendations for new airport applications
  • Obtain traffic forecasts for design
  • Conduct field examinations of design projects
  • Prepare 3R/4R project concept statements
  • Analyze and process design exceptions


Alice Welch

Preliminary Survey

Norman Miller

  • Obtain survey information for design plan development
  • Administer aerial photography flight contract
  • Provide photographic materials for Iowa DOT offices for  various displays

Soils Design

Stephen Megivern
  • Conduct boring program to obtain samples, analyze, and provide recommendations
  • Coordinate testing with materials testing laboratory for geotechnical analysis
  • Prepare plans to provide boring and testing information to users
  • Select borrow areas for design projects
  • Design subgrade treatments, subdrain systems, foundation treatments, and slope stabilization

Project Development Staff

Rural Design

Jason Holst
Rural 1

Yanxiao Jia
Rural 2

Paul Flattery
Rural 3

  • Design transportation improvements for the State of Iowa
  • Prepare construction plans to clearly convey design intent to contractors
  • Create electronic files and visualizations to convey design ideas to the public and contractors