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County-State Traffic Engineering Program (C-STEP)

Intent of program

Solve traffic operation and safety problems on primary roads outside incorporated cities

Who is eligible to sponsor?

Any Iowa county

Qualifications for funding

The county must engineer and administer the project.  Improvements must involve a primary road outside any corporate limits.

The two types of projects eligible are spot improvements and linear improvements -

  • Spot improvements are those limited to single locations.  County match is 45 percent of the construction cost (55 percent is state funded).
  • Linear improvements are those for which a single spot improvement is inadequate.  County match determined by jurisdiction, as follows:
    • State retains jurisdiction upon completion of project – county match 70 percent
    • County accepts jurisdiction – county match 40 percent

An engineering analysis of the problem area is required.

  • The Iowa Traffic Engineering Assistance Program (TEAP) can be used for analysis.
  • A county engineer can provide the engineering analysis.
  • DOT’s Brown Design Manual can be cited for turning warrants when the request includes turning lanes.
  • The Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices has warrants for traffic signals.

Type of submittal required

Letters of request with a sketch and cost estimate submitted by interested parties

Application amount minimum/maximum

Maximum of $200,000 per project for spot improvements

Maximum on linear improvements as follows:

Jurisdiction Rehabilitation Reconstruction
State retains $45,000 per mile $75,000 per mile
County accepts $90,000 per mile $150,000 per mile

Application deadline

Letters of request accepted all year

Special project requirements

DOT will review plans and specifications

Type of approval required

DOT staff approval and selection

Average length of time for acceptance decision

90 days

More information/applications

The appropriate DOT district engineer


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