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Public Transit

The Public Transit staff is responsible for administering all of the state transit programs, plus all federal transit assistance for regional and small urban transit systems, and intercity bus carriers, and most of the federal non-formula projects for transit systems serving Iowa’s urbanized areas.

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Sree Mitra
Transit Program Manager

Sree is responsible for the oversight of all transit programs, development of the State Transportation Improvement Program's transit element, administration of the federal grants application process, and administration of the Public Transit Equipment and Facilities Management System (PTMS). Prior to joining the Iowa DOT in 2010 as grants manager, Sree was employed at the Iowa Department of Human Services as a management analyst, and also at Iowa State University as project director and grant development manager. Sree holds a doctorate in physics from Rutgers University.

Kristin Haar
Compliance and training officer

Kristin serves as the compliance and training officer, joining the Iowa DOT in February 2010. Her duties include compliance reviews of Iowa's public transit systems, providing identified training needs to transit systems and staff, reviewing passenger transportation plans, and serving as chair of the Iowa Transportation Coordination Council. Prior to joining the Iowa DOT, Kristin was the executive director of the Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Agency and also worked as a transportation planner at the Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization. Kristin holds a bachelor's degree in community and regional planning from Iowa State University and a master's degree in public administration from Drake University.

Grants manager

The grant manager position is responsible for post-award management of the department's grants from the Federal Transit Administration and monitoring and implementation of state grants. This position also serves as the office specialist on Federal Transit Administration's drug and alcohol testing program and the transit DBE program.

Brent Paulsen
Transit programs administrator (TPA)

The Transit Programs Administrator provides technical assistance and oversight of awarded projects, issues payments and ensure compliance during the contract period, oversees the Intercity Bus Assistance Program and serves as a Procurement Specialist.

Jeremy Johnson-Miller
Transit programs administrator
Statewide mobility coordinator

Jeremy joined Public Transit in January 2014 and serves as the transit programs administrator for 18 of Iowa's 35 public transit agencies. Jeremy also serves as the statewide mobility coordinator, managing a network of urban and rural mobility coordinators throughout the state and serves as a resource where a local coordinator is not present. He began his transportation career at HIRTA Public Transit; first at the local county level, managing the contracted transit service in Warren County, eventually working his way up to become rural central Iowa mobility coordinator, representing HIRTA Public Transit and its seven rural counties. Jeremy had the honor of earning the inaugural Mobility Manager Award for Federal Transit Administration’s Region VII, in August 2013. He is a graduate of The University of Iowa, with a bachelor's degree in geography.

Technology and research manager

The Technology and Research Manager is responsible for implementing special projects, preparing discretionary bus grant proposals, reviewing and monitoring legislative issues, conducting research on transit specific topics, managing the Iowa Rideshare program, vendor relations, and evaluating the most current technologies available for use in public transit.

Laurie Carnahan
Administrative support

Laurie is responsible for the administration of the Iowa Public Transit Fellowship Program, state transit training assistance, contract issuance and tracking, and general office support. She was previously employed with the Iowa Department of Public Safety serving state law enforcement in a support capacity. Laurie has an associate degree in business administration, a bachelor’s degree in organizational psychology, and a master’s degree in business administration/project management from the American InterContinental University.