Visitor Entrance to the Iowa DOT

Iowa DOT
General visitors to the Iowa Department of Transportation's (DOT) headquarters in Ames shall enter at the department's main entrance, which is located on the east side of the department's administration building. Two designated visitor parking areas are located adjacent to the building and are depicted on the map. Parking is available for persons with disabilities, including van-accessible sites.


  • Upon arrival, visitors will be greeted by a receptionist and asked to provide proof of identity. The easiest and quickest means of identification is provision of an Iowa DOT-issued driver's license or photo identification (ID) card. Other forms of identification are accepted.
  • A card reader will scan the license or card, and electronically assign a visitor's pass. The process of assigning a visitor's pass to a person without a driver's license or ID card requires manual intervention and a brief wait.

Visitor's Pass

Once a visitor's pass is assigned, the receptionist will contact the DOT employee the visitor wishes to see. DOT employees are required to escort visitors while inside the department's facilities. When a visitor is ready to exit the complex, they will be escorted to the lobby area, where they will be asked to return their visitor's pass and automatically checked out of the building's security system.

Visiting Other Areas on the Complex

Visitors with appointments or business with DOT employees outside of the administration building, may access those facilities at the designated public entrance points depicted on the map. For entrance to other DOT facilities shown on this map where public access points are not available, check in at the department's main entrance and ask the receptionist for assistance.


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