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Approved Seed Conditioners

The below list is not all inclusive and contains information for the most commonly encountered or neighboring states. Any state’s association/agency program that is equivalent to Iowa Crop Improvement Association seed conditioner program is acceptable.

  • Iowa - go to "Approved Conditioners"
  • Illinois – go to "Seed Directories" and find Approved Conditioner and Sampler Program
  • Minnesota - go to "Approved Facilities"
  • Missouri - contact Missouri Crop Improvement Association, 573-449-0586
  • Nebraska – go to "Current Seed Book" and find Approved Seed Conditioners
  • North Dakota – go to "Approved Seed Conditioners"
  • Oregon - contact Oregon Seed Certification Service to confirm approved warehouse or contact Melissa Serio for assistance.   Note: approved warehouse is one-time process and not annual. 
  • South Dakota - go to "South Dakota Certified Seed Grower Directory," and choose the current Issue
  • Washington - contact Washington Crop Improvement Association to confirm Washington Dept. of Ag. approved conditioning facility/plant or contact Melissa Serio for assistance.
  • Wisconsin - contact Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association, 1-800-892-1341


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