Construction And Materials

Foundations and structures

Structural Steel F.A.Q.s
Structures Demolition Notification Form

Concrete Beam Bridge Deck Elevations

   Instructions for Worksheet


Cap and Hammer Database
Identification Record for Pile Hammer and Cap

    Log of Pile Reports
        Log of Piling (830209)
        Log of Piling Driven By Formula

        Steel H-Pile Monitor Inspection Form
         (Materials IM 467.01 App C)
        Steel Sheet Piling Identification Report
         (Materials IM 467.02 App C)
        Steel Pipe Piles Monitor Inspection Form
         (Materials IM 467.03 App C)
        Pile Point Identification Report
         (Materials IM 468 App B)


   Steel Placement Handbook



Theoretical Evaporation Rate



Refer to Construction Manual Chapter 11.23 for new welder certification requirements effective April 18, 2017.

   AWS Certified Welders List
   AWS Accredited Testing Facilities
   Field Welding Steel Pile
   Joint Welding Form

Working Shop Drawings

   Working and Shop Drawings Commentary
   Working and Shop Drawings Process