Standard Road Plans

Updated for the April 2022 letting. For files prior to this letting, refer to the Electronic Reference Library (ERL)

Standard road plans show standardized design features, construction methods, and approved materials to be used in design plans for interstate, primary, and secondary road construction in the State of Iowa. Standard road plans may be modified for design situations requiring unique solutions.  Section 1E-5 of the Design Manual provides guidance for modifying Standard Road Plans.

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  Book Sections
BA Barriers
BR Bridge Approach Pavement
DR Drainage
EC Erosion Control
EW Earthwork
LI Lighting
LS Local Systems
MI Miscellaneous
PM Pavement Markings
PR Pavement Rehabilitation
PV Pavement
SI Signs
SW Sanitary and Storm Sewer
TC Traffic Control
TS Traffic Signals
WM Water Main