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Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act and environmental review of state listed species for federal-aid projects

As project sponsor, local public agencies (LPAs) must review their actions and determine whether the action may affect state and federally listed and proposed endangered species; or proposed or designated critical habitat. To accomplish this, review the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website to generate species lists for specific counties.  LPAs also have the option to pursue the Iowa DNR's Environmental Review process.  The process is outlined on the Iowa DNR's Environmental Review .

Once the species lists are obtained, the LPA will determine whether their actions may affect any of those species or their critical habitat. If no species or their critical habitat is affected, no further consultation is required. If they may be affected, consultation with the USFWS and coordination with the Iowa DNR is required.

The following information will assist in carrying out these requirements:

  • Iowa DNR Website – review for a list of state listed species/critical habitat
  • USFWS Website – review for a list of federally listed species/critical habitat
  • Determination of Effect (DOE) – form to be completed after receiving the DNR list and after evaluating USFWS website information

Habitat assessments should be completed by individuals with a natural resource degree or equivalent work experience, such as a consultant or county conservation board.



In order to keep your project on schedule for letting, it is recommended that this process and the DOE form be completed prior to submitting the Concept Statement for Local Systems Federal-Aid Projects (form 517001) to the Iowa Department of Transportation's local systems engineer for approval.

No effect determination

The process is complete and DOE form is submitted with Concept Statement Local Systems Bureau Federal-Aid Projects (form 517001).

May affect determinations

Submit DOE form with Concept Statement for Local Systems Federal-Aid Projects. The Location and Environment Bureau will complete consultation with USFWS, and the project sponsor will coordinate with the Iowa DNR.


  • USFWS Consultation Letter: The Iowa DOT will complete USFWS consultation and report the finding of effect to federal species/critical habitat. 


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