Traffic & Safety

Iowa Traffic Engineering Assistance Program (TEAP)


Intent of program

TEAP provides traffic engineering expertise to local units of government. The purpose is to identify cost-effective traffic safety and operational improvements as well as potential funding sources to implement the recommendations. Typical studies include high-crash locations, unique lane configurations, obsolete traffic control devices, school pedestrians, truck routes, parking issues, and other traffic studies.

Who is eligible to request funding?

Iowa cities and counties without the resources of a staff traffic engineer — typically cities with populations less than 35,000. Roundabout reviews are available for any city or county.

Qualifications for funding?

No local match is required. However, the applicant will be required to assist the consultant with data collection, if needed (as-built plans, traffic counts, street maps, crash reports, etc.).

Type of submittal required

A letter of request explaining the problem must be sent to the appropriate district engineer. If the request involves K-8th grade school pedestrians or a potential roundabout, that information should be noted in the request.

Application amount - maximum

TEAP will fund up to 100 hours of consultant time.

Application deadline

Successful applications are funded in order of receipt until resources are exhausted.

Special project requirements

The subject of the study must address an existing traffic/safety problem. This program is not intended for planning purposes.

Type of approval required

An Iowa DOT district staff recommendation and approval of the Traffic and Safety Bureau is required.

Average length of time for acceptance decision

Thirty days

Program’s annual funding level



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