Rest area plan

The plan

The Iowa Department of Transportation is conducting a planning study of the Statewide Rest Area System. The Office of Location and Environment is completing this study in three phases.

Phase 1

The first phase involved documentation of customer needs and satisfaction with the existing rest areas, highlighting any issues and identifying existing information regarding rest areas within the system. This information is documented in the Statewide Rest Area Management Plan- Initial Report. This initial Report was completed in 2013.

Phase 2

Phase two involved collection of additional existing information, development of criteria and ranking the existing rest areas in terms of relative criticality.

Phase 3

The third phase utilized both the initial report produced in Phase 1 and the rankings to develop an implementation strategy for the rest area system. A draft of this Implementation Plan is available for review below.

The Iowa DOT will be using the hashtag #IRAMP and you can use that key phrase to find relevant tweets about the planning study. When posting to Twitter about the planning study, please use #IRAMP and reference @iowadot in your post.


The public outreach after phase 3 convinced us that we needed to take a closer look at the truck parking issue which had been a topic in most of the feedback we had received. After the conclusion of phase 3, we extended the public comment period and conducted a truck parking study to identify areas where more truck parking was needed and how to augment that parking at rest areas. This release of the implementation plan incorporates those recommendations as well as a plan for upgrading the remaining aging rest area sites. This final implementation plan increases truck parking availability by approximately 30%.

Review the plan and provide your comments and level of support.


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