Rest Area Plan

The plan

Our mission is to provide a transportation system that gets people there safely, conveniently, and efficiently. To assure we remain able to meet that mission over time, we continually evaluate assets within the system to see if they still meet that need or if we need to make changes to better meet that need. We also want to make sure that the funds we are allocating for the transportation system are put to their best use and are not spent on assets that are underused or no longer necessary.

This process is being completed in three phases. We have already conducted Phase 1 and 2. Phase 3 includes a draft Implementation Plan which makes suggestions on our approach to rest areas in the future. It includes a public comment period that will gather feedback on the draft Implementation Plan. Please take a moment to look over the site and provide input below.

Phase 1

The first phase involved documenting customer needs and satisfaction with the existing rest areas. We highlighted any issues and identified existing information regarding rest areas within the system and documented it in the Statewide Rest Area Management Plan. This initial report was completed in 2013.

Phase 2

Phase two involved collection of additional existing information. A criteria was developed to rank the existing rest areas based on how critical they are to the system.

Phase 3

The third phase utilized both the initial report produced in Phase 1 and the rankings to develop an implementation strategy for the rest area system. A draft of this Implementation Plan is available for review and comment below.

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