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The Bridges and Structures Bureau is committed to providing accurate electronic files of our standards. With our recent migration from Bentley V8i to the Bentley CONNECT platform, the formatting of the .dgn files available at the links below and through ProjectWise is continuing to evolve. We recommend that users of these .dgn files compare their resulting project sheets to the provided .pdf files to ensure the intended results. Edits to the .dgn file format are acceptable at the discretion of the user. 


The bridge standards available on this page include an 8.5” standard deck thickness and single slope bridge rail.

The newly released standards can be used immediately. These standards were developed using the Bentley Connect Edition of MicroStation.

The Master Common Details file contains common details that are referenced by several groups of standards. This file shall be used in combination with the  groups of standards to provide the common details referenced to the sheet models.

The Bentley V8i Edition of the bridge standards remain available at Bridge V8i Standards

Bridge Standards

Updated on November 13, 2023

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Model Name Revision Date File Description MicroStation DGN File PDF File
Master Common Details
Details 11/23 Master Common Details
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Instructions 11/23 Instructions for Use of Standards Folder
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ForeSlope Protection
100-FS 07/23 Index of Foreslope Standards
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1005 07/23 Bridge Wing Armoring for Slope Protection
1005A 09/23 Bridge Wing Armoring for Water Crossings
1006-1006B 09/23 Concrete Slope Protection
1006C-1006E 09/23 Macadam Stone Slope Protection
1007-1007B 09/23 Subdrain Details
1007C 07/23 Subdrain Details
1007D-1007E 07/23 Granular Backfill Details
Repairs and Retrofits
100-RR 07/23 Index of Repair Standards
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1031-1031F 07/23 Retrofit Barrier Rail Details
1031T 07/23 Retrofit Barrier Rail Details
1038 07/23 Deck Overlay Repair - Quantities
1038R 07/23 Deck Re-Overlay Repair - Quantities
1040 07/23 Deck Overlay Repair Details and Raised Expansion Plates
1040R 07/23 Deck Re-Overlay Repair Details
1042 07/23 Deck Repair - Approach Pavement
1045 07/23 Concrete Repairs
1055 07/23 Concrete Beam Repair Details
1057s1 07/23 Concrete Beam Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Repair Details
1057s2 07/23 Concrete Beam Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Repair Details
100-M 11/23 Index of Miscellaneous Standards
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1037As1-1037C 11/23 Precast Prestressed Deck Panels
1046 11/23 Prestressed Concrete Foundation Pile
1049-1050A 11/23 Temporary Barrier Rail - F Shape
1054 11/23 Aesthetic Deck Drain
1056-1058 11/23 Steel H14X73 Temporary Barrier Rail
1065-1066 11/23 Deck Details
1067 11/23 BNSF & UPRR Railroad General Notes & Shoring Details
1068 11/23 Paving Notch Replacement Details
1090-1091 11/23 Floor Support Beam
2110-2115 11/23 Wing Details
P10L 11/23 LRFD Concrete And Steel Trestle Pile Bents
UPRR_Guide-Temp-Shoring 12/21 Union Pacific Railroad Guide for Shoring - Standard 1067 Raster Reference
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Integral Abutment
100-I 09/23 Index of Integral Abutment Bridge Standards
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2078-2091 09/23 Integral Abutment Details
4380-4385 09/23 Cross Section
4500-4513 09/23 Part Plan & Longitudinal Section
4514-4521 09/23 Bar List & Super. Details
BT Beams with Integral Abutment
100-BTI 11/23 Index of BT Integral Abutment Bridge Standards
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11/23 Integral Abutment Details
11/23 Cross Section
11/23 Part Plan & Longitudinal Section
11/23 Bar List & Super. Details
Stub Abutment
100-S 11/23 Index of Stub Abutment Bridge Standards
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1059 11/23 Drain Details for Welded Girder Bridges
2092-2105 11/23 Stub Abutment Details
2106-2109 11/23 Beam Bar List
4305-4310 11/23 Welded Cross Section
4542-4548 11/23 Part Plan & Longitudinal Section
4549-4553 11/23 Bar List & Super. Details
4556-4561 11/23 Cross Section
BT Beams With Stub Abutment
100-BTS 11/23 Index of BT Stub Standards
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2092-BTCD -
11/23 Stub Abutment Details
2106-BTCD -
11/23 Stub Abutment Bar List
4542-BTCDE - 4548-BTCDE 11/23 Part Plan & Longit. Sect.
4549-BTCDE - 4552-BTCDE 11/23 Bar List & Super. Details
4556-BTC-4 - 4561-BTE-6 11/23 Cross Section


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