Des Moines Area Interstate Projects

Hickman Road Interchange Project

  • WHAT : Replacement of the interchange at Interstates 80/35 and Hickman Road.
  • WHY : Data shows that traffic volume in this area is projected to increase nearly 35 percent by 2042. The updated interchange will improve traffic flow and increase safety.

Northeast Mixmaster Project

  • WHAT : The progress you see at the Northeast Mixmaster is a continuation of reconstruction that began back in 2008. The completed work includes new bridges over I-80 between I-35 and I-235 and resurfacing of the existing I-80 bridges.
  • WHY : Interchanges like this are designed to allow a certain number of vehicles to safely pass through each of the ramps. Data shows that the number of vehicles passing through this area will exceed the current maximum capacity by 2030. Increasing the capacity now not only improves safety in the short term it allows for safe travels for decades to come.

I-35 from Ankeny to Huxley Project

  • WHAT : Full reconstruction of I-35 and bridges over the road from the 36th Street interchange in Ankeny to the 315th Street bridge near Huxley.
  • Widening the road from four lanes to six for nine miles in the project area
  • Building five new bridges, including two new interchanges
  • WHY : The bridges in this project area have reached the end of their useful life. Widening the interstate and replacing the bridges will improve safety and increase the reliability of travel for the increase in traffic expected in the future.

SW Mixmaster (I-35-80-235)

  • WHAT : Reconstruction of the interchange will begin north of University Avenue and continue south to the Ashworth Road overpass south of the interchange. The project also includes work along the I-80/235 east-west corridor from 60th Street east to the Valley West Drive.

    New flyover bridges will be constructed from southbound I-35/80 to eastbound I-235 and to westbound I-80. A new bridge for westbound I-235 will be constructed to allow for the realignment of I-235.
  • WHY : The existing I-35/80/235 interchange was constructed in the 1960s. Traffic has significantly increased since then and the interchange needs to be reconfigured to improve the safety and reliability of traffic movement through the area.

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