The Iowa Department of Transportation held a public information meeting on Tuesday, July 24, 2018, to discuss the Interstate 80 Planning Study and to gather public feedback on the technical reports, including the final report, Vision for Infrastructure Investment. The meeting was held from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, 909 Robert D. Ray Drive, in Des Moines. The meeting was conducted utilizing an open forum format.  No formal presentation was made. If you were not able to attend this meeting, you can view information and materials online.

Comments and questions concerning the proposed project should be received by August 14, 2018, and can be submitted online at https://bit.ly/I80Comment.

The Iowa DOT is studying Interstate 80 in Iowa from the Illinois to Nebraska borders in an effort to increase mobility across the interstate system. This study will follow the Planning Environmental Linkages (PEL) model, allowing the department to make systematic decisions that will help shape individual projects throughout the corridor as they are developed and constructed over time. It is critical to identify important resources within the corridor early in the process to allow time to develop potential solutions that avoid, minimize, or mitigate impacts to these resources. The PEL will evaluate the safety, capacity, infrastructure, and other topics regarding I-80. These are documented in a series of technical memoranda.

Public participation is an important component of this process as it gives an opportunity for interested individuals to help identify these resources, as well as share what is important to them. It also serves as an opportunity for the Iowa DOT to keep the public informed and provide feedback on potential improvement strategies as they are refined. The comments and opinions submitted will be used to help make informed decisions throughout the process.

This website will be updated throughout the course of this study. Information such as maps, special studies, and online public meetings will be hosted on this Web page.

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