Attention icon The existing bridge is OPEN!

Repairs are now complete on the existing Mississippi River Bridge at Lansing. The bridge has been thoroughly inspected and found to be safe for traffic. Because traffic can begin using the bridge, the water taxi has been discontinued.

Thanks for your patience as we work to continue safe mobility in the area.

You can find updates here or on the Mississippi River Bridge at Lansing Facebook page.

Mississippi River Bridge at Lansing – looking east

The more than 1,700-foot Mississippi River Bridge connecting Iowa Highway 9 in Lansing, Iowa to Wisconsin Highway 82 in rural Crawford County, Wisconsin stands as an icon for the region. You may have heard of this impressive cantilever bridge referred to as the Black Hawk Bridge. The structure has served the area since 1931 with a closure from 1945 to 1957 when it was damaged by ice dams. Depreciation over time and changing vehicle size and traffic patterns now call for a new, wider, safer crossing.


Working with you through public meetings and other outreach efforts, we’re proud to get started on a safe, functional, and beautiful bridge that will serve the area for generations. What we heard loud and clear is how iconic this structure is to the region. We don’t take that lightly and have done everything we can to mimic the things you love about the current bridge in the new one.

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