Military/Veteran driver's license and vehicle services

The Iowa Department of Transportation offers several services to assist current and former military members.

  • Veteran designation: By requesting a "veteran" designation on a driver’s license or ID card, a former military member can eliminate the need to carry official military papers for veteran identification purposes.

  • Military extension of an Iowa driver’s license: An extension of operating privileges may be given to military personnel who cannot return to Iowa to renew their driver's license in person and do not meet eligibility requirements to renew online. The extension is valid until six months following separation from active duty.

  • Military fee waiver: Active duty military members, honorably discharged veterans, and veterans with a permanent 100% service-connected disability rating are exempt from certain driver’s license fees.

  • Iowa military service license plates: Iowa offers several license plate options for our current and former military members. Certain veteran’s license plates allow for city parking fee waivers including Medal of Honor, Disabled Veteran, Purple Heart and Ex-Prisoner of War.

  • Military commercial driver’s license (CDL) waiver: If you have recent experience driving large trucks in the military, you may be eligible to obtain an Iowa CDL without taking the drive skills test that is normally required. To be eligible for the waiver, you must have legally operated the same type of commercial motor vehicle that you expect to operate as a civilian for at least two years immediately prior to applying for a CDL.

  • Reduced registration fees for specially equipped vehicles: Persons with disabilities may be eligible for a reduced registration fee for specially equipped vehicles.

  • Motorcycle license waiver: Military personnel may have the knowledge and skills tests waived by successfully completing a rider education course and presenting a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) card.


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